February 2, 2023

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Carrot salad, soothing "rebellious" hormones: how to prepare it

According to social media users, carrot salad can improve the balance of hormones in the body. Let’s see if this is actually the case.

TikTok has given network users new trends and news, from beauty and fashion to health. This time the “viral” video was the preparation of carrot salad. Can it improve hormonal balance? Unlikely. A simple salad, although it can be nutritious and healthy, is actually not enough. As explained by Dr. Shoma Datta-Thomas: “The balance depends on many factors that are connected not only with nutrition, but also with lifestyle. And not only that: with a hormonal imbalance, carrot salad will in no way replace a specially designed treatment. Even so (as shown in some of the TikTok videos that went viral), you don’t eat this dish three times a day.

benefits of carrot salad

It is well known that eating raw carrots, like any other vegetable, brings undoubted benefits to our health. One of them is the preventive effect of carotenoids against oxidative stress. And not only that: carrot salad is rich in fiber and therefore good for the intestines. In addition, the balance of microflora in the digestive tract is associated with the production of estrogen, so carrots can have a positive effect on it in some way.

Viral carrot salad recipe

Cut the carrots as shown in the video (in thin slices), drizzle with olive oil (or coconut, MCT), as well as balsamic (apple) vinegar. Required: two medium carrots, a tablespoon each of oil and apple cider vinegar. Salt and pepper (a little spice) to taste. In short, this is such a simple and quick salad that it’s worth it. While you can eat it every day, even if it does not guarantee “hormonal balance”, writes theissue.gr.

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