February 5, 2023

Athens News

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The robbers entered the jewelry store by making a hole in a nearby building.

Using the rififi method, unknown people managed to break into a jewelry store in the center of Thessaloniki early on Tuesday morning, as a result of which they stole jewelry for a very large amount.

According to ELASwho committed theft by the “rififi” method (from the French – riffi, which means “lightning strike”, in relation to burglary), the attackers managed to make a hole in a nearby abandoned building and thus freely enter the jewelry store.

The burglary took place today at approximately 1:00 am at a store on Egnatias street near Antigonidonas. Criminals with closed face masks (balaclavas) stole jewelry of unknown value and disappeared, according to thestoday.gr.

The police are investigating to identify those responsible. Evidence and video footage are currently being studied.

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