February 5, 2023

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On Friday, March 3, the first Market Pass (Κάρτα Αγορών) payments will be made, Greek government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou announced.

Speaking about inflation and household support, a government spokesman said that beneficiaries who apply before February 28 will see money in their accounts for the first three months, i.e. March, 3rd.

As a reminder, the Official Gazette has already published a regulation on the Market Pass, state aid to low-income citizens, which will be provided to households from February to July due to inflation.

The Official Gazette (ΦΕΚ) defines the beneficiaries, amounts and other requirements that must be met in order to receive assistance. Beneficiaries will apparently need to submit (or submit) “fresh” declarations in the next period of time (after mid-February) in order to receive this type of assistance.

According to information from iefimerida, the Market Pass platform is currently under development in line with the standards of other apps such as Fuel Pass and is estimated to be open after mid-February.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Market Pass

Citizens will be provided with a subsidy of 10% for purchases (1st household or 1st family). Purchases can be made by citizens in supermarkets, bakeries, convenience stores, fruit, meat and fish stores, dairy and other grocery stores.

It is emphasized that in one person will receive assistance for the entire householdrather than each person individually. However, guests (adult children living with their parents and listed as “οι φιλοξενούμενοι”) are not subsidized.

As noted, unmarried people must have an income of up to 16,000 euros to receive Market Pass assistance (Κάρτα Αγορών).


  • A married person without children or a single-parent family with 1 child must have an income of up to 24,000 euros.
  • Married with 1 child or single parent with 2 children must have an income of up to 29,000 euros.
  • A family with 2 children must have a combined income of up to 34,000 euros.
  • A family with 3 children must have a combined income of up to 39,000 euros.
  • With regard to real estate, unmarried beneficiaries must own objects worth up to 250,000 euros, and married and single parents up to 400,000 euros.


  • 1-person household (single): 220 euros per month for purchases, 22 euros per month for allowance.
  • Couple without children: monthly purchases 320 euros, monthly assistance 32 euros.
  • Incomplete family with one dependent child: 320 euros per month for purchases, 32 euros per month for maintenance.
  • Family with one parent and two dependent children: 420 euros per month for purchases, 42 euros per month for maintenance.
  • Family with one child: monthly purchases 420 euros, monthly assistance 42 euros.
  • Family with 2 children: monthly purchases 520 euros, monthly assistance 52 euros.
  • Family with 3 children: monthly purchases 620 euros, monthly assistance 62 euros.
  • Family with 4 children: monthly purchases 720 euros, monthly assistance 72 euros.

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