February 3, 2023

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Vandals decapitated… a statue in the park "Evangelismos"

Unidentified perpetrators decapitated a statue by sculptor Antonios Sokhos located in Evangelismos Park.

A few days ago, vandals smashed the head of a statue depicting a young girl with a jug, the channel reports. open. Parts of the sculpture have been discovered and it is expected that the competent authorities will try to restore the work of art.

Speaking at the Open, Athens municipality spokesman Alexandros Tsiatsiamis said the vandals “threw a stone at the statue, damaging it. The cleaning services found the fragment and now there is a possibility of recovery.

The official also noted that there is a lot of graffiti and damage to statues in the city: “even on the statues installed in the first cemetery, many cases of graffiti have been recorded.”

“We have a valid contract with the relevant services that are engaged in the removal of “painting” on urban infrastructure, followed by surface coating with a composition anti-graffiti. In turn, we are supporting the statues, which we have not done in the past, and it is very important to be able to restore them and bring them to their original state. This is part of the cultural heritage of the city,” the official stressed.

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