February 3, 2023

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The hero father was maimed by five robbers, but saved his 17-year-old daughter

5 armed robbers broke into the house of a British MMA fighter, but he fought them off, saving his family and property. The criminals left without booty, although the owner of the house received many injuries.

The incident took place in Solihull, West Midlands, UK. Reality TV star David Pugh, 56, fought off a gang of five burglars at his home by preventing them from stealing anything. The event is only gaining popularity, although it happened back in 2018.

David Pugh, an Israeli MMA fighter who specializes in the Israeli Krav Maga martial arts system, heard a loud bang around 3am. Jumping out of bed, he went to the door, which had been kicked out just a moment before, and saw five robbers demanding money. Knowing that his wife and child were in the house, Pugh said that his instincts took over and he joined the fight against the criminals.

And although he succeeded, Pugh received several injuries: a broken nose and many cuts. In addition, the robbers also injured his Rottweiler. Despite all this, Pugh was happy that he was able to keep his family safe.

Pugh said the following: “By the time I got out of bed, completely naked, I went to the door, which at that time was kicked in. It opened after another blow, and I saw four or five guys in balaclavas on the site. They started shouting: “Where is the money, give us your money!”.

The Englishman added: “I grabbed the first pair I could, it turned into a fight. I just grabbed everything I could and threw bottles of aftershave, chairs at them. I was repeatedly hit on the head – they had a machete, a baseball bat and a golf club. I tried desperately to get into my daughter’s room, but I had so many cuts on my head that I was covered in blood.”

These comments give a brief idea of ​​how dire the situation was. However, thanks to his knowledge of martial arts, natural instincts and courage, Pugh saved his family. He then said that the robbers left with nothing, thinking they had almost killed him.

British edition insidesport returned to this topic at a time when there is a debate in the national parliament about the dangers and consequences of martial arts, and gave this example of how combat sports can also save lives.

In Greece, legislators do not even raise such a question. Under local law, it is a criminal offense to resist burglars and injure them and can cost you jail time. Greece is not England, where “my home is my fortress”, therefore, in such cases, local law enforcement officers offer to wait for the police and in no case resist.

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