February 3, 2023

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The gang “cleansed” houses in Halkidiki, among the thieves – a minor

Five people, including one minor, were arrested in the Halkidiki region. The detainees were charged with thefts from houses.

In particular, three women, one of whom is a foreigner, a minor and a Greek man last Saturday (January 21) entered private houses located in different parts of Chalkidiki and took away jewelry, money and other items worth a total of 1,100 euros.

Further investigation revealed that at noon the previous day (January 20), a minor, along with one of the members of the gang of robbers and their accomplice (who was identified), broke into a basement warehouse in the Thessaloniki area and stole the amount of 900 euros, according to victim’s statement.

The arrested persons with the case initiated against them were taken to the Prosecutor of the First Instance of Thessaloniki.

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