February 2, 2023

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Tatoi: palace and museum to be completed in 2025

Greek Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni mentioned the schedule for the restoration of the royal estate of Tatoi.

In 2025, work on the palace will be completed and a museum will be created inside it, the culture minister told ERT. Initially, Ms. Mendoni noted that the Ministry of Culture was responsible for the “historical core” of the former royal palaces of Tatoi, that is, where the palace and all buildings are located, 27 of which are recognized as monuments.

“I think for Tatoya, the big problem was the ideology of previous eras,” she said, adding that the estate had been abandoned for 50-60 years. In total, the projects require about 90 million euros from public and private resources, Ms. Mendoni continued and added that the Ministry of Culture has allocated the amount needed for the restoration of buildings, which is just over 75 million euros.

“The first stage of renovations is scheduled for the end of 2023 for a number of small buildings that are funded ΕΣΠΑ”, Lina Mendoni answered the question about the schedule for the restoration of the estate. “The milestone is 2025, because by that time the palace and gardens will be put in order, and a museum will be created on the territory,” she added, emphasizing that “at the same time, the work of documenting (inventory) all objects that represent of historical value, continues to be exhibited later in the museum.In total, about 100,000 objects were found, in very poor condition in abandoned buildings.

“The palace will be a museum of the estate. Furniture, dishes, paintings will be exhibited here. We have some very important works of art,” Ms. Mendoni explained, referring to plans to renovate Tatoi and preserve cultural heritage.

It’s a pity that with Villa Iola this did not happen. But the most valuable works of art, collected in the house by the owner of five Western galleries, worth millions (billions) of euros, “disappeared” without a trace with the connivance of the authorities (Alexandros Iol had no heirs, and therefore he handed over everything to the state, about 10,000 of the most valuable items art + villa-palace). But what a museum could be made there!

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