February 2, 2023

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Tibet: avalanche descended on the tunnel and buried 28 people under it

In the city of Nyingchi in southwestern Tibet, an avalanche on a tunnel killed 28 people.

According to the Chinese Xinhua news agency, search and rescue operations at the scene ended on January 20. They were attended by 1348 people – military, firefighters, volunteers – and 236 pieces of equipment. To rescue the victims from under the snow, rescuers had to pave a 7.5-kilometer passage. 53 people were rescued, five were taken to medical facilities with serious injuries.

The incident occurred on January 17, when an avalanche covered the entrances to a car tunnel in the Tibet Autonomous Region. People were locked in their cars. According to the data of emergency services, the reasons for the avalanche were the increase in air temperature and strong winds.

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