February 8, 2023

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Croatian shock: prices in stores break records

Croatia’s accession to the eurozone is accompanied by unprecedentedly high inflation.

However, the inhabitants of the country do not blame the transition to the euro, but the dishonesty of merchants who unreasonably raised prices. For example, Jasna Jankovic, a pensioner from Zagreb, says:

“Of course everything has become more expensive. I was just in the store and the prices of everything went up. They round up the prices again, put, for example, 5 euros and 99 cents. But what can you do?”

And a pensioner from the same city, Damar Arbanas, complains:

“When I look at essentials such as butter, bread, milk, the prices are simply unbearable now. This is not the increase that we were warned about, this is 10 or even 20 percent.”

One and all, consumers claim that sellers are rounding prices in euros or raising them sharply instead of recalculating at the established rate. The government is trying to crack down on violators and has already announced measures to crack down on such merchants and service providers, including special checks.

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