February 2, 2023

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Carefully! At sea… wolves

An unusual video of Greek fishermen instantly became viral on the net: the sea waves of Pagasitikos are rapidly dissecting … a wolf!

He swam at great speed in the waters of the bay, and the fishermen, twisting the tackle at that time, could not believe their eyes, writes newsbeast.gr. Amazed, they managed to record an unusual sight on the phone.

However, as it turned out, in this area this happened before. Nikos Paliaroutis, the author of the video, says:

“Fortunately, I recorded it on my mobile phone, because they wouldn’t believe me wherever I said it. He was not small, as it may seem in the video. The wolf was 70-80 kg. When he came out of the sea, and we saw him, we had fun!

The second fisherman, Fayu Mavragani, tells how surprised they were when they saw a wolf while they were gathering line and could not believe their eyes. This happened in an area where the depth of the sea is about 30 meters, it was 5 nautical miles (8.05 km) from the coast!

The fisherman explained that the “sea” wolf is not such a “rare sight” in the area, as he swam several times to the islet of Pagasitikos, where sheep are bred, many of which were killed as a result of the attack of the gray predator.

Our publication has previously described how family walk in Parnifa National Park ended in shock for a father and his 14-year-old daughter: a wolf dragged their dog away. But what is a dog – in Germany, shooting of a GW950m wolf is allowed, which dared to bite favorite pony of the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen!

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