February 5, 2023

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At the hotel on Singra … the balcony fell off

One of the balconies of the hotel, located on Syngrou Avenue, is about to collapse, as it “hangs by a thread”, preparing to fall on the heads of citizens.

According to the publication protothema.gr, near the hotel where the incident occurred, people enter and exit to get into neighboring companies, putting their lives at risk. The balcony, according to the hotel manager, “fell off” at 2:30 am on Saturday, while there was no one in the room. The official in charge said that “all legal steps have been taken, but since it was Saturday, the cranes have not yet arrived to do the necessary work.” “Apparently, because of the downpour and heavy wind, the rusted (rotted) fittings lost their strength, and the balcony fell off,” he said.

It is expected that at 22:00 the traffic police will block the Singru section so that the cranes can pass and carry out the necessary work to remove the balcony. Residents were evacuated from the rooms located near where the balcony collapsed. The hotel is operating normally.

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