February 8, 2023

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Moschato: as an accountant "took over" victims’ money

The tangle of events surrounding the murder and professional employment of a 50-year-old accountant found hanged in his home in Moschato is beginning to unravel.

The victim extorted large sums of money from several people. The lawyer of the victims, Panagiotis Dialinakis, spoke about this exclusively for MEGA. “I have spoken to many fraud victims. The 47-year-old lady who gave him the money was one of those who, along with others, came to his office a few days before he died. The money that the man took is large, more than 10,000,000 euros. The way in which he managed to fool his victims was through the legitimate professional activity he carried out in the field of insurance, since he had a “good name” and an extensive clientele. So he contacted people to encourage them to invest. The whole process was illegal and it was very easy to see as there were no receipts and the money was handed out and not through the banking system. The only guarantee was a responsible declaration, which said when he would return the money to them.

Mr. Dialinakis maintains that none of the people who beat the victim in previous days are in contact with him or belong to the persons he represents. However, one of them knows the lady and confirms that she also gave money to the insurer. “We will ask to open bank accounts so that we can see where the money has gone. This way we can see if there are other people involved,” the lawyer says.

Meanwhile, the woman, who ended up in the apartment at the time when the accountant passed away, categorically denies the accusations attributed to her. The lady emphasizes that he committed suicide, in particular, hanged himself. “When she was pushing the stool, she was not going to hang the victim,” says lawyer Katerina Ziona. The defense attorney told MEGA that her client had videotaped the man again days before a specific video document showed “he was intent on committing suicide.” “She wanted to videotape him to force him to confess that he had taken the money,” the lawyer says.

Commenting on the testimony given by her client, the lawyer stated that her client pushed the stool, but the height of the ceiling (and the distance from the loop to the floor) could not have caused the hanging (he could have leaned his foot on the floor). She, apparently, just wanted to scare him and “knock out” a confession, but certainly not kill him.

The “key” to the case is the toxicological studies of the corpse of a man. From the data of the forensic medical examination it follows that the official cause of death of the man is hanging. At the same time, there are more than 10 rib fractures on his body, bruises on his head and a bruise on his arm. In an interview with MEGA, forensic expert Grigoris Leon emphasized that the results of toxicological tests have the role of “catalyst” in the case.

“We will have to wait until the end of the forensic and laboratory tests. An important role, of course, will be played by toxicological tests that will answer the question of how a person with all these fractures manages to make movements, tie and throw a noose around his neck, and also move freely around the apartment,” he said. “This can be justified either by taking painkillers, which cannot be a simple / conventional drug. We will also see if he was taking at the time (or just before his death happened) other substances that could put him in a state where he could not react.

The medical examiner emphasized that the man received fractures last week at different times. Law enforcement agencies do not allow the fact that, having successfully received 10,000,000 euros from the victims, a man suddenly decided to commit suicide on his own, “fearing” some kind of feeble lady who came to scare him.

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