February 8, 2023

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Market Pass: platform opens February 1st

The Market Pass food card is coming soon. In particular, the vouchers.gov.gr platform for registering consumers on it will be open from February 1 to March 15. It will be entered with Taxisnet codes.

When using the Market Pass, purchases by citizens (according to the required criteria) will be provided with a subsidy of 10%. Merchandising can take place in supermarkets, bakeries, mini-markets, fruit, meat, fish shops, dairy and other grocery stores.

The decision was signed by Deputy Minister of Finance Theodoros Skilakakis, Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis, Deputy Minister of Digital Governance Theodoris Livanios and Minister of State Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Market Pass

In the entire household, one person will receive assistance, and not individually. It is noted that guests (adult children, referred to in tax returns as (οι φιλοξενούμενοι) are not subsidized.

  • Unmarried people must have an income of up to 16,000 euros in order to receive state aid for food.
  • A married person without children or a single-parent family with 1 child must have an income of up to 24,000 euros.
  • Married with 1 child or single parent with 2 children must have an income of up to 29,000 euros.
  • Married with 2 children must have an income of up to 34,000 euros.
  • Married with 3 children must have an income of up to 39,000 euros.

With regard to real estate, unmarried beneficiaries must have real estate with an objective value of up to 250,000 euros, and married and single parents up to 400,000 euros.


  • Lonely: expenses – 220 euros per month for purchases, state subsidy 22 euros per month.
  • Couple without children: monthly purchases 320 euros, assistance 32 euros.
  • Single-parent family with one dependent child: 320 euros per month for purchases, 32 euros per month for assistance.
  • Family with one parent and two dependent children: 420 euros per month for purchases, 42 euros per month for assistance.
  • Family with one child: monthly purchases 420 euros, monthly assistance 42 euros.
  • Family with 2 children: monthly purchases 520 euros, monthly assistance 52 euros.
  • Family with 3 children: monthly purchases 620 euros, monthly assistance 62 euros.
  • Family with 4 children: monthly purchases 720 euros, monthly assistance 72 euros.

Recall that to receive a refund on purchases made with the Market Pass, you need to have a special function in your phone NFC.

This was described in detail by the material published by the Athens News.

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