February 8, 2023

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Countries where workaholics live

Referring to a study by health insurer Bupa Global, on January 20, Bloomberg named the countries where workaholics live.

The French, for example, were not so long ago considered a lazy nation. At least that’s what the world rankings called them. However, extreme conditions – economic challenges and a pandemic – have dramatically changed their approach to work. Bloomberg calls them the biggest workaholics among the leaders of companies and organizations. The study says:

“Four out of ten French business executives admitted to working intensively and for long periods without regular breaks.”

At the same time, the French are most worried about the results of their work. The authors of the study note that they become workaholics because of concerns about the ability of their organizations to withstand the current economic instability along with the reluctance of employees to work remotely. Anthony Cabrelli, Managing Director of Bupa Globa says:

“This combination of external economic pressure and a propensity to take responsibility may have led to the fact that French leaders were the most industrious.”

In second place for workaholism, according to the results of the investigation, were business leaders and organizations from the UAE, in third – Egypt, followed by Hong Kong, China, the UK, the USA and Singapore.

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