February 8, 2023

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African swine fever detected in Serres

African swine fever was detected by the Athens Veterinary Control Authority in a dead female wild boar in the Petritsiou municipality of the Sintiki Serres municipality, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food said.

By order of the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, Simos Kedikoglu, all HYPAAT veterinary services and local veterinary authorities of the Serres Regional Office were activated. It is urgently planned to take the necessary measures to control the disease in accordance with local and national legislation:

1. Activation of the National Center for Disease Control and the National African Swine Fever Task Force.

2. Activation of the local disease control center to control the disease in the emergency. Serres, as provided for in Article 4 of the Emergency Response Plan for African swine fever (Decision 260918/14.01.2009 Official Gazette B΄75 of 22.01.2009).

3. Delimitation and disinfection of the contaminated area.

4. Measures for pig farms located within the contaminated area.

5. Intensive (passive) surveillance of wild boars and domestic pigs within the delimited infested area.

6. Measures in the regional subdivision of Serres, provided for in Decision 260918/14.01.2009 Official Gazette B΄75 of 22.01.2009.

It is noted that African swine fever virus is not transmitted to humans.

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