February 5, 2023

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Parents will be informed by SMS about the absence of their children at school

The Greek Ministry of Education is creating an electronic SMS system to inform parents about the absence of their children in educational institutions.

In particular, the authorities now intend to approve the creation of a unified electronic system that will include all elements of school life and everything related to the educational community of the country. It will include information to parents:

  • about student grades
  • on matters relating to the teaching staff of each school,
  • general information about the functioning of the institution, etc.

In this way, parents of students will be able to be informed in the future about the performance of their children in school tests, as well as about their absences without a good reason. In addition, parents, with of this innovation will be able to make appointments with teachers their children or request more information about their concerns via their mobile phone.

The plan is being studied by the Ministry of Education and announced during a recent visit by Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameos to schools in the province, where she briefed teachers on the use of a new e-application that will be integrated into the eparents platform.

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