February 8, 2023

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K. Mitsotakis to migrants: “Don’t go to Europe – stay here, we have a lot of work”

Prime Minister Mitsotakis urged all foreigners (overwhelmingly Muslims, whether they are from North Africa or Central Asia) not to go to Europe, but to stay in Greece, where there are many jobs!

And all this during a press conference with CNN and Farid Zakaria on the sidelines of an economic conference in Davos.

He even claimed that unemployment had fallen and promised jobs for migrants who would stay or come to Greece. “We tell people: if we give you asylum, don’t go to Europe. If you want to stay in Greece, there will be jobs, we are facing a labor shortage, like many European countries, – he said. – Our unemployment has dropped by 6% and we already have a shortage of workers, for example, in the agricultural sector. I think we have introduced a tough but fair immigration policy and right now if you look at the public debate in Greece, immigration is not a problem.”

It is worth noting that the demographic situation in Greek society leaves much to be desired: the government is trying to offset the low birth rate among Greeks by accepting migrants from Asia and Africa. Now it sends them an invitation. An advertisement for a country that has hosted more than 2.5 million foreigners since the beginning of the 90s… But this is a question that no one in Greece cares about today, he said…

Watch the moment at 7:20 seconds of the video.

“If we give you asylum, don’t move to Europe, if you want, stay in Greece, you will have jobs there.”

As part of the “disincentive” policy of the ND in Bangladesh, the legalization of thousands of illegal compatriots in Greece through 5-year residence permits for seasonal work was advertised.

Meanwhile, the total number of registered unemployed increased again and reached 1,084,440 people in December 2022 compared to 1,061,419 people in November 2022 (percentage change +2.17%) and 1,109,366 people in December 2021 (percentage change -2.25%), according to statistics from the State Employment Service.

In particular, the total number of registered unemployed, based on the criterion of job search (seekers of work), in December 2022 amounted to 1,079,202 people. Of these, 535,151 (49.59%) are registered with ΔΥΠΑ for a period equal to or greater than 12 months, and 544,051 (50.41%) are registered with the CPS for a period of less than 12 months. Men – 392,847 (36.40%), women – 686,355 (63.60%).

It is worth adding to what the Prime Minister saidthat Greek agriculture is in dire need of agricultural workers, preferably low-paid… Thousands of hectares of farmland are left uncultivated, and often there is no one to harvest.

The Greek authorities are trying to invite workers from neighboring Albania and North Macedonia, but they are not particularly willing to go to Greece, because the countries of Central and Northern Europe pay much more for such work. Last year, the Greek authorities signed an agreement with Egypt for 5 thousand people for agricultural work. But this number can cover only a few percent of the required number of workers.

Between 2010 and 2018, and especially between 2015 and 2017, Greek agriculture was booming as many of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who entered the country each year worked in the fields while waiting to leave for Northern Europe. But then the flow of migrants dried up. Even those Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Afghans who have lived in Greece for many years have left, leaving the local farmers without workers.

However, this invitation may backfire on Greece, as a mass of people will come along with those who want to work, who, instead of staying in Greece, will again “run away” to the north. And then Mitsotakis will be reminded that according to the laws EU illegal immigrants are returned to the country where they first crossed the borders of the European Union. And this, in addition to the hassle and work of officials, is also a lot of money for deportation, transportation and accommodation.

There is a second problem, demographics, which we mentioned above. Europe has already faced it – in the countries of “Old” Europe, in schools and kindergartens, the number of children of indigenous people is much less than the number of children of migrants. And this means that in a few decades the demographic situation in Europe will change dramatically. And then Europe will turn into a European caliphate, as it was described in the prophetic book “The Mosque of Notre Dame”. Such a fate, apparently, is prepared for Greece …

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