February 8, 2023

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Georgia: a man opened fire with a machine gun from a balcony: 5 killed, 5 wounded

In Georgia, a former soldier shot dead five people and wounded five others while firing automatic weapons from his balcony on the top floor of a building.

The tragic incident occurred on the night of January 20 in the Georgian city of Sagarejo, informs Georgia online. Later, law enforcement officers found out that until 2021 the shooter served in the Armed Forces of Georgia. Motives for the crime are still unknown. Vakhtang Gomelauri, Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, stated:

“We were promptly confirmed that he had been working since 2006, he left in 2021. This is primary information, and I cannot tell you more precisely. As we have already been told, he left military service in 2021. He was also on a mission in Afghanistan until more information is available.”

According to the preliminary version of the investigation, citizen N.A., born in 1974, fired several shots from the balcony of one of the apartments in a residential building, as a result of which 4 people were killed and 5 people were injured in the courtyard of the house. The man also fired at the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who arrived at the scene of the incident, as a result of which one of them was killed.

As a result of a special operation, law enforcement officers broke down the door to the criminal’s apartment and found him immobilized, with a bleeding wound in his head. A grenade ring was also found in the room, the sappers who had been called had already finished their work, and the area was safe.

According to the minister, after the shooting started, the son of the former military man ran out of the apartment into the street, but he cannot say anything about what happened. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, upon arrival at the scene of the special forces detachment, the accused allegedly committed self-liquidation by shooting himself in the head with a firearm.

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