February 3, 2023

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Three rules for ordering wine in a restaurant

Ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant is not always easy. You may find yourself in a restaurant that either doesn’t have the wine you usually order, or you want to try something else that you’re not sure about.

According to the Independent, there are three simple rulesto keep in mind if you want to always choose a good wine.

Rule 1: A little preparation – and everything is in order.

This is not available everywhere, but you can ask the restaurant to email you a wine list in advance. This way, before you arrive at the restaurant, you will already have options in your head. You may even be able to order wine in advance so that the sommelier will prepare a bottle for you when you arrive.

Rule 2: Follow the sommelier.

Pretending that you know more than the sommelier in the store is definitely not the best tactic. Also, if you insist that you are an expert when you are not, you will never learn or try anything new and end up drinking the same wine.

There are some perfect phrases that you can use to ask a sommelier for help without looking like an ignoramus. In particular, you can say: “I like this category of wines” or “I’ve been leaning towards the wines of this country lately.” In addition, such statements will show that you are open to discussion, and the information from the sommelier is never wasted.

Rule 3: Never taste wine.

And yet, to the classic question “would you try” you prefer to just sniff. That is, you prefer to bring the glass to your nostrils, and then just nod in the affirmative if the wine is good. But if the dish has a strange smell, you can tell the waiter about it right away. You can also consult a sommelier if you have any doubts. He will definitely try and give you his opinion. In no case do not shake the wine and do not taste it by tickling your mouth. It is forbidden.

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