January 27, 2023

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Patras: photo from anarchist turnout covered by EL.AS.

Authorities released photos from a safe house where members of an anarchist group were hiding, accused of robbing banks, post offices and supermarkets in order to “replenish the party fund”.

Seven arrestedwho participated in a series of armed robberies, were mostly old acquaintances of the authorities, as they had previously been exposed while participating in anti-authoritarian incidents.

Among them was the son of “Stelios” from 17N, who was sentenced to 17 years in prison for organization involvement, robbery and bombing, and was released from prison in 2010.

All of them, as well as at least one more wanted accomplice, were prosecuted – in some cases – for participation in a criminal community, whose members were organized for the professional and repeated commission of robberies and thefts under aggravated circumstances, for making and possession of explosives, as well as for violating drug laws, illegal operation of radio frequencies, flares and fireworks.

According to a statement by the investigating authorities, members of the organization, since at least 2020, have teamed up to carry out armed robberies of EL.TA. and supermarkets, as well as the theft of two-wheelers in the area of ​​Patras. In order to achieve their goal, they purchased pistols and appropriate clothing covering facial and body features (jackets, wigs, medical masks, glasses, jockey caps, etc.) in advance. At the same time, in order to extract the maximum illegal material benefit, the members of the organization equipped in the houses where they lived, suitable plots for the hydroponic cultivation of cannabis, and the produced volumes were then sold in the center of the city of Patras.

As for the method of robbery, after choosing a place, they united in groups consisting of at least three people, two of whom entered the store, and the third waited outside, playing the role of an observer. To get to the place of the robbery, they used two-wheeled vehicles, which were “seized” from points located near the houses, taking into account the final destination of their escape route. After committing robberies, they abandoned the two-wheeled vehicle used as a means of escape, changed clothes and hid in another vehicle.

During their activities, and in order not to be discovered by the authorities, they took special precautions, such as using walkie-talkies, avoiding telephone conversations, and carefully planning their activities.

During searches conducted in a total of nine homes, as well as the car park, the following items were found and seized:

  • 2 pistols.
  • Two improvised explosive devices, consisting of 274 g of C4, a detonator and a fuse.
  • Wigs, helmets, full face masks, gas masks, and clothing used in activities.
  • Books with content related to anarchy and terrorism.
  • Handwritten notes with criminal action planning.
  • Bottles for making Molotov cocktails.
  • 3 wireless transceivers.
  • A number of digital items (mobile phones, laptops).
  • 2150 euros.
  • 4 installations for hydroponic cannabis cultivation in suitable enclosed spaces.
  • 17 kg and 996 grams of cannabis and 77 hemp seedlings.

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