February 8, 2023

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Loutraki: brutal beating of a student in ΕΠΑΛ

A brutally beaten 16-year-old ΕΠΑΛ student is hospitalized with a fractured lower jaw.

The incident took place last Monday at ΕΠΑΛ Loutraki, informs loutrakiblog, during a break between lessons. A 22-year-old boy who does not attend this school started a conversation with the victim in order to distract the teenager. At this time, a minor student from a neighboring school attacked him from behind, inflicting severe punches and kicks.

The beaten teenager was left lying in the yard, bleeding. Parents are outraged by the complete indifference of the teachers, who did not inform them about the incident, did not provide first aid, did not take the victim to the hospital, did not punish another student for beating and, in the end, did not notify the police about the emergency situation.

The teenager’s mother learned about the incident from him and called the school to find out what was going on. She was told… to call back later, she complains. The father of the victim hurried to school, saw that his child was bleeding and in pain, and took him to the Corinthian hospital in his car.

Doctors gave the battered teenager first aid, but after a diagnostic and radiological examination, it was deemed necessary to transfer him to the CAT of Athens. An operation is scheduled for Thursday, January 19, during which lamellae will be placed on the schoolboy’s jaw to repair the damage.

According to available information, everything happened because of jealousy. The attacking student was in a relationship with a girl and, according to the parents, was jealous that the victim was her friend.

The director of the 1st ΕΠΑΛ told Loutrakiblog that the incident took place outside the yard, it really took place, the parents were informed about it, who, according to him, were picking up their children from school, and he does not want to make any other statements. The director of ΕΠΑΛ No. 2 said that she was unaware of the incident and could not make any statements.

The parents of the schoolboy turned to the police, and a criminal case was initiated against all the perpetrators.

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