February 2, 2023

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Elijah: theft with the booty of criminals 45,000 euros is solved

The theft that took place last summer at a gas station in the Dunaikok district in Ilia, where the amount of booty of criminals amounted to about 45,000 euros, was revealed.

According to the police press service, investigators, through a methodical and thorough investigation, collected evidence using audiovisual materials from surveillance cameras, fingerprints on a car that was broken into, and listening to the phone conversations of suspects, which led to the disclosure of the case and the identification of the perpetrators. The thieves turned out to be a group of gypsies aged 49, 33 and 26 who were charged with grand larceny, while the police suspect several other people whose involvement investigators are looking into.

How the theft happened at a gas station in Elijah

The criminals, a group of gypsies, followed the movements of the gas station owner Makis Tzafuros for some time and, taking advantage of his absence at the end of July last year, managed to steal from his car a small bag containing 45,000 euros and checks from his customers.

According to the same information, the perpetrators, who lived in the Pyrgos area and were often on the territory of the gas station, followed the owner’s every action and waited for the right moment. In fact, before they “went into action”, one of the perpetrators who was on the premises saw Mr. Tzafuros put the bag in the trunk, and the second drove past the scene on the same day to verify the information. That evening, the criminals, taking advantage of the absence of the owner, who had gone on a business trip to Athens, left the area where they were staying, broke the windows on the passenger side, grabbed the bag and fled.

What the gas station owner said

Gas station owner Makis Tzafuros spoke about all that he had to endure and about the discovery of the case. In particular, he focused on the time of the theft when he was away from Athens on business, noting that he was informed of the theft by his driver.

“I went to Athens for some business in a company car and I got a call from my driver who went to leave another truck at the store. He asked where I was and I replied that in Athens. He mentioned that he found a passenger the door was open and there were broken glass all over the place.I immediately called my friend in the Elijah police security department and he immediately sent the police to the scene of the theft, and the next day a team of 5-6 people came and took fingerprints.I left the car there, where she was standing, in front of the store, where there are cameras and lights,” he said. He then mentioned the amount they had taken from him and the information he had received from the police, noting:

“In the car, I had a small bag containing about 45,000 euros and three checks, which, fortunately, were canceled immediately. Since then, the Ilias Security Department has been working to find those responsible.They informed me that they were on the right track and had some evidence in their hands, which they handed over to the prosecutor. They said that they would find the perpetrators based on the evidence they collected, and after the holidays they would turn to the prosecutor. Now I don’t know what happened because I haven’t been told yet.”

In conclusion, not knowing the exact details at the time of this writing, he believes that he must know the people who often passed by his gas station. “In 99% of cases, these people were known. Somewhere in my head it’s spinning how many customers come to my business, which is located in a visited place,” he added.

PS It is worth noting that you need to be “specially gifted” to leave a bag with that kind of money in the car.

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