February 3, 2023

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Attention! Power Pass scams to watch out for

The Power Pass is used by smart people to deceive consumers by impersonating ΔΕΔΔΗΕ employees in order to obtain personal information as well as bank account information (IBAN, etc.).

According to ΔΕΔΔΗΕ* in its statement, based on its authority, the authority does not have authority over electricity pricing issues and/or the process of providing financial assistance to pay electricity bills (power pass).

What is ΔΕΔΔΗΕ? The initials ΔΕΔΔΗΕ stand for Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, Limited Liability Company (SA), a subsidiary of ΔΕΗ (electricity supplier), which owns 100% of its shares. In particular, ΔΕΔΔΗΕ SA is currently the Greek distribution network operator. To do this, she received permission from RAE.

Thus, it is emphasized that no employee or representative of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ communicates with electricity consumers on transaction-related matters in relation to electricity supplies. In addition, it is emphasized that no employee or representative of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ does not and will not ask consumers for information related to their bank accounts (electronic banking, IBAN, etc.), neither by phone nor through messaging apps (viber, etc.).

Be attentive and careful. In case of fraud, urgently apply with a statement to the competent authorities.

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