February 2, 2023

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Athens College: Panic due to infiltration of unknown "knives"

An alarm was sounded at the Athens College in Psychiko at noon on Thursday as police received a report from a security officer of the school about the intrusion into the territory of unauthorized persons in hoods with knives in their hands.

According to the information, the students of the institution in the morning saw unknown persons who invaded the college premises with sharp objects in their hands, and reported this to the security service. The college authorities immediately ordered that all children remain in their classrooms for safety reasons. There was a panic on social media and messengers of the college community due to reports of bullies, and alarmed parents arrived at the school gates, worried about what had happened.

Police officers arrived at the scene and carried out thorough checks in all the premises of the college, but, according to ELAS, they did not find any strangers or sharp objects. The security guard who reported the unknown to the police was summoned to testify at the police station. Athens College is an elite educational institution where the children of senior government officials and wealthy residents of Athens study. Naturally, any incidents are subject to increased attention from the police.

It is not yet known whether the unknown were actually with knives or if it was someone’s prank. But on a call, at least 5 police crews in cars and several patrol motorcyclists from the Diaz group arrived.

Athens College announcement about the incident:

“We are informing you of an incident that disrupted school life on the Psychico campus today. We were informed of the presence of two strangers on campus who did not enter through the school gates in the usual way. We have concluded that the incident may have posed a threat to the safety of our students. After that, we mobilized the entire school security mechanism and called the police, who arrived and took it upon themselves to carry out a thorough search of the campus. The security personnel of our school moved out instantly, and the teachers stayed with the students in their classrooms. The principal of the college informed the students not to worry until the necessary checks were completed. All of our students are safe. Some time ago, the police checks were completed and the normal movement of everyone on campus has been restored.”

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