February 3, 2023

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What the forensic examination showed about the death of a 50-year-old accountant in Moskhato

The verdict of the medical examiners is as follows: the death of a 50-year-old man was caused by hanging, when a chair was knocked out from under his feet, which ruled out the scenario of preliminary strangulation.

This is a very important conclusion, as it proves that the accountant was not killed before he was in the loop (and was found dead). After all, the arrested 47-year-old woman testified that before hanging the insurer, she tried to strangle him with a cord. The results of the forensic examination corroborate her claim that she was unable to strangle him.

Also, when the body of the victim was examined by a forensic expert, traces of beatings, bruises and about ten fractures of the ribs, four bruises on the head and nose, one bruise on the arm (indicative of a defensive posture) were found.

In particular, the information says that the accountant received fractures of the right and left ribs. A bruise was found on his left arm, indicating that he may have tried to cover himself from the blows inflicted on him. In addition, he also had a bruise on his arm, which is estimated to have appeared 5 days ago. There were beatings on the chest that were estimated to have been inflicted 15 days ago. Information from toxicologists is expected.


Many questions arise and remain even after a forensic medical examination. For example, the question arises how the victim managed to get up, buckle up and commit suicide after he received multiple blows and fractures. In addition, something else looks very suspicious: the man was not found fully suspended. One of his legs rested almost completely on the floor. Toxicological tests will be of paramount importance in the investigation of the case, as the possibility of the victim’s use of alcohol or drugs is being studied.

Chronicle of events

The woman arrived in the Moschato area around 5:00 pm on Monday, 16/01, looking for the man’s house, not knowing the exact address. She approached an auto repair worker and asked if he knew Mr. Nikos K. The clerk provided the address (the residence she was looking for was nearby, just a block away from the garage). At the same time, as noted, the woman told him: “Call the police, I will kill him.” At 6:30 p.m., officers from the Moschato-Tavros police department arrived at an apartment on the 2nd floor of an apartment building, as they received a call about loud voices from their neighbors. The door was opened by a woman, and the police entered the apartment and found the insurer hanged.

What the detainee said about the death of an accountant

In her first words to the police officers of the Piraeus Security Subdivision who arrested her, the woman (E.C.) described in detail what happened.

“He embezzled 200,000 euros from me and my family members. I went to his house to ask for an explanation and return the money. He told me that there was no money. I got angry and hit him on the head with a vase. Then I tried to strangle him with a cord, but he resisted. I filmed everything on video to have evidence that he confessed to pocketing my money … I went to another room, and when I returned, I saw him standing on a chair. He made an impromptu loop in the bedroom doorway.

He seemed to be frustrated that he couldn’t get my money back and told me he “couldn’t do this anymore” and was going to kill himself. “Hang yourself on all the money you stole from me,” I told him. When he put the noose around his neck, I kicked the chair and he hung himself,” the defendant said.

Video on mobile phone

The defendant’s lawyer, Katerina Ziona, in an interview with ERT, described the line of defense that the accused will follow, emphasizing that “we are not talking about murder, but about suicide.” “My client tried to prevent the death that the man decided on,” she added. According to Ms. Ziona, there is also a video from the apartment confirming the woman’s claims.

“There is a video taken during a conversation about money (the man reportedly owed 200,000 euros). “The second video of the unfolding dramatic incident,” the lawyer emphasized.

These videos were filmed by the woman herself and attached to the case file. “The deceased decided in advance to commit suicide,” Ms. Ziona says, adding: “The circumstances under which (the man) went as far as hanging are recorded. My client tried to stop him and therefore hit him. The important point that was overlooked (and it should have been!), is that she had no motive to kill the accountant, she wanted to know where the money was.

The investigation is ongoing. According to some information, presumably, there was a third person in the apartment, and the woman let him out of the apartment when the hanging took place.

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