February 3, 2023

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Thessaloniki: Armed robbery of a pawnshop

The armed robbery took place on January 17 at around 20:00 at a pawnshop in Kalamaria. Thessaloniki. According to the police, three people broke into a gold and jewelry buying office on Etnikis Antistaseos Street and took the amount of 2,500 euros at gunpoint.

The police began searching for the perpetrators.

It is noteworthy that, as witnesses of the incident told the editors, the residents of the area, who had gathered to stare at the robbery, rejoiced, saying: the robbers robbed the scammers …

Gold buying points have a “special love” among the inhabitants of Greece. Opened during a severe crisis, pawnshops bought gold items, jewelry and other items at half price, not disdaining stolen items.

Attempt Alexis Tsipras “bring to clean water”, buyers of gold, ran into resistance of such strength that the prime minister “was forced to” surrender.

Alexis Tsipras, who was then Prime Minister, noted that “one of the two main participants in the gang is the well-known chain of pawnshops, in which, in the early years of the crisis, thousands of our fellow citizens brought their savings, where they were essentially “robbed””.

One of the leaders, Dimitris-Ricardo Mylonas, was arrested at his luxurious villa in Saronida and charged with buying up stolen jewels. He carried out the purchase of stolen goods under the guise of the activities of pawnshops opened by him and points for buying up gold and jewelry.

According to police experts, both jewelers and many government officials were involved in this case, who issued permits for such a dubious business, not excluding “corrupt” policemen and lawyers, and possibly politicians.

Within a few days, Dimitris-Ricardo Mylonas was released, and after 3 years, was fully justified… How many pleasantly rustling banknotes and ringing coins lay on the table for the right people, history is silent.

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