February 8, 2023

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Envelope with suspicious white powder sent to SYRIZA headquarters

On Tuesday morning, a suspicious envelope containing white powder arrived at the headquarters of Greece’s main opposition party, SYRIZA.

The envelope did not bear the name of the sender, arousing suspicion when it arrived at the office in Koumunduru Square in central Athens. The envelope was opened by a security officer of the building, and a small amount of white powder was found in it, as well as a note with insults, the channel reports. OPEN .

The police and other relevant authorities were alerted, 5 firefighters with two cars rushed to the scene. As a result, the envelope with white powder was handed over to a special team. ΕΜΑΚ fire service for a thorough analysis of the contents in special laboratories.

According to the SYRIZA-related newspaper avgi.gr, there is no cause for concern. No one has yet taken responsibility for what happened.

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