February 2, 2023

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e-ΕΦΚΑ: platform for applications for increased national pension for expatriates is open

Yesterday, January 16, an application was launched for online applications for increased pensions from expatriates from Albania and people from the former Soviet Union.

The e-ΕΦΚΑ message provides step-by-step actions to be taken by those concerned. Applications are accepted on the site efka.gov.gr. According to the Athens News Agency, we are talking about the implementation of the relevant legislative provision, which was adopted by the current government and included in law 4915/2022 no. 73 (Α΄ 63), KYA 73135 (Government Gazette 4135/2022), which reduces from 40 to 30 years of residence in the country required to receive a full national pension. Considering that expatriates from the above regions could not stay and work in Greece until 1992 due to the special political conditions prevailing in their countries of residence at that time.

To apply, those who wish can visit the e-ΕΦΚΑ website, following the following route: Electronic services for pensioners -> Electronic pension application service based on article 73 of Law 4915/22).

As experts saythe new online service will help 15,000 people who are already retired, with about 55,000 people estimated to retire over the next decade as potential beneficiaries.

Important: There is no deadline for submitting this application.

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