February 5, 2023

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Life sentence for mother guilty of death of 7-year-old son

A 30-year-old mother is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 7-year-old Andreas in Kypseli in 2022. The case shocked the entire country when it was revealed that she and the stepfather of a child who committed suicide in a prison in Corfu had killed a little boy and moved his remains in a toolbox.

The prosecutor of the court said that this is one of the most difficult and painful cases in his career: “It is difficult to try to put yourself in the place of a child who has been doomed to live in an environment where he is systematically bullied and indifferent to the woman who brought him into the world. Incredible indifference. She claims that she was scared that she was taking drugs, which has not been proven. She has complete indifference and insensitivity to the fate of her children. She’s into video games, hooking up with the wrong people. When you see a cruel, sadistic person torturing your children, you must react. But she was cold and unaware of her role as a mother. Even if we accept that she wasn’t born violent, how could she not have basic maternal instincts?“.

“For three days, the defendant watched her child being subjected to inhuman punishment. Knowing that he did not eat and that her partner gagged him, she does nothing. When the situation reached the extreme and the child fell, her partner ordered her to leave saying that he would take care of him.“, – added the prosecutor and asked to admit her guilt.

Earlier, the woman gave evidence to the investigator. She denied involvement in the murder of her child and spoke about her difficult childhood. On the one hand, the fear of living with an alcoholic mother, and on the other hand, the fear of becoming pregnant at a young age, being in an abusive relationship.

“I had a problem with video games, I was constantly sitting at the computer. I told him to stop hitting Andreas. But one of his friends advised him to hit him with a belt. I said it was wrong. I did not punish my children, I love I will always love them. He beat little kids. I didn’t pay attention because I was wearing headphones. I was chatting, playing games, and I couldn’t hear because it was all happening behind my back. At some point, I I heard a knock and went to see what was happening. He ran up behind me and said: “Take the girl and go. I will kill you and your little brat, and then I will tell the police that you did it.” I was so scared. When I got back, Marius told me that he had buried the child on the roof. “It was the best decision,” he said, ” and don’t talk, or I’ll kill you.” He showed me where he buried the child,” said, in particular, the accused, who constantly repeated that she “was not involved in the murder of the child.”

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