February 5, 2023

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Former King Constantine is buried at Tata (live)

A ritual is currently underway to bury the body of the late King Constantine II in Tatoi.

The burial process is taking place under draconian security measures. Journalists, except for a few operators, are at a great distance, and traffic is prohibited two kilometers from the perimeter of the estate.

Since yesterday, a special NOTAM has been activated, prohibiting flights in this area of ​​Attica, even unmanned aerial vehicles, and a special anti-drone system of the Greek police has also been activated.

Strictly selected people accompany the body of the former king to the place of his burial. At 13.41 the first car of the procession arrived with the body of the former king.

The burial of the body of Constantine II will complete the main program of the ritual associated with the funeral of the former king, which is attended by 187 official guests, including kings and nobles from all over Europe.

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