February 5, 2023

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Blue Monday: a day of lost hopes

Today is not only the most depressing Monday of the year, but also the most depressing day. Or just… “Blue Monday”.

January 16 is unlike any other day, as it is considered the most melancholy day of the year and is known as Blue Monday. Every year it falls on every third Monday in January. It is believed that this is the most depressing day of the year, because, according to the theory of scientists from the UK, after the Christmas holidays the mood is gloomy due to financial problems and unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions (unfulfilled hopes). In particular, according to one theory, the third Monday of January is the worst day of the year.

They say that on this day, negative emotions overwhelm people more than on any other day. The Blue Monday theory arises from the mathematical equation [W+(D-d)]xTQ/MxNA, born in the mind of academician Dr. J. Cliff Arnall, which combined factors such as weather (W), debt (D), monthly salary (d), time since Christmas (T), low visitation rates , communication (M).

The first ever Blue Monday was January 25, 2005. It essentially marks the day when people realize they are behind their schedule and goals, and therefore become depressed. However, most of the scientific community does not accept this theory, calling this equation scientifically unverified.

To overcome Blue Monday, according to experts, “everyone can set new goals and objectives, devote their time to what they really like and bring “spiritual relaxation.”

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