February 2, 2023

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Market Pass: by the end of February, the money will be in the accounts

The schedule for the introduction of the new Market Pass measure, as well as clarifications for the beneficiaries, was given by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Nikos Papathanasis.

From February 1, the “food card” (Market Pass) begins to operate, and by the end of February the money will go to accounts or to an intangible card. At the same time, 8,400,000 beneficiaries will receive from 22 to 100 euros per month, Nikos Papatanasis said. “We are on the side of every citizen, pensioner, worker. We want to continue to support each and everyone in an unprecedented crisis. We have decided to support our most vulnerable fellow citizens because we want to be close to those who really need it,” he added.

Mr. Papatanasis specified that the ration card “is also valid for guests (φιλοξενούμενους). Those. if, for example, an adult child lives in a parent’s home and is listed as a “guest” on their tax returns. The whole family will receive a 20% + 10% discount. It’s 52 euros for a family of four. Money will be credited to the card every month. Until the end of February, recipients will see the money in their accounts. If you intend to receive a subsidy to your current account, then for 3 months you will receive the amount at the end of May.

Athens News wrote in detail about how get a subsidy market pass.

As for phishing (for those who are afraid to make purchases with a card and become a victim of scammers), Mr. Papatanasis emphasized that if this happens, compensation will be paid to the victims. “We put in ‘probable losses’ up to 1,000 euros to protect the consumer. Of course, banks should take care to protect the operation of this system. We protect consumers, lost amounts of 1000 euros and more are compensated by the bank. This is a safety net,” the minister said.

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