February 3, 2023

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Threatening with a syringe, took away 500 euros

The robbery of a hotel in Thessaloniki took place on the night of Friday, from 12 to 13 January.

A man in a hood entered the hotel and, threatening the employee with a syringe, demanded to give money from the cash register.

Reportedly, the robber decided to get money, and his choice fell on the hotel, considering the method of enrichment “quite simple.” In order to get a certain amount, supposedly required by the drug addict for a dose, he broke into the hotel lobby and approached the reception desk and began to threaten the worker with a syringe, which allegedly contained his blood infected with HIV and hepatitis C. The robber said that in case of refusal to give money, he would stick a syringe into the employee.

Thus, the man grabbed an unknown amount of money and fled. The police have been informed of the incident and are investigating to identify the perpetrator. Authorities later reported that the amount of money stolen by the attacker was 500 euros.

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