February 5, 2023

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Why you need to exchange paper driver’s licenses: when they expire, what is the cost

As it turned out, most motorists do not know that paper certificates have an expiration date. In addition, in most cases there are other reasons that require their immediate replacement.

Although in recent years our country has adhered to European model for issuing a new type of driver’s license (resembling a credit card), a large number of drivers still have the traditional triple pink paper “book”.

In accordance with the legislation of the European Union, the old type of driver’s license will be valid until January 19, 2033. Until that time, regardless of category, status or date of issue, all paper rights must be replaced to remain valid.

There are, of course, other reasons that invalidate the paper ID and essentially require it to be replaced immediately, well before this “grace period” expires and 2033 rolls around.

heavy wear is one of the factors that should lead a citizen to the decision to replace the old, rather worn-out “pink book”.

Smudges and creases that make the details of the driver’s license illegible, separation (tearing) of the pages at the fold, an old photo (40 years ago) are just some of the “signs” that should lead to a decision to replace the driver’s license.

Lack of Latin characters maybe one more reason for replacing a paper driver’s license, since it makes it problematic to use it outside of Greece. It is worth noting that the presentation of a driver’s license is mandatory, i.e. rent a vehicle. Therefore, it is risky to go to a foreign country, even a European one, with a driver’s license that does not indicate your full name in Latin letters.

The validity of the old driver’s license can be called into question by any change to the entered information. For example, on a pink triptych, which is still kept by many, among other things, a home address is written. In that case, if you have changed your permanent place of residence, you must replace the certificate, since the existing one is not formally considered valid.

The ease of storage and durability of a plastic driver’s license is another strong incentive to replace the old one. In credit card form, the new type of driver’s license fits everywhere, and the plastic it’s made from makes it more “durable” (wear and tear resistant).

Plastic diplomas are considered to be more secure from any attempts at forgery, which makes them widely used even in countries outside the European Union.

The cost of replacing the old-style license is 30 euros and paid in the form of state duty. The replacement application can now also be submitted online or by submitting the required supporting documents to KEP or the relevant region.

Supporting documents, which include a complete “package” for diploma renewal, in addition to proof of payment of the electronic fee, are a simple photocopy of police ID or valid Greek passport, medical certificate of health (heart and vision), and two recent passport-style photographs without glasses, 4×6 cm.

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