January 27, 2023

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The authorities are in a hurry to restore order in Tatoi, where the funeral of the former king of Greece will take place

The decision of the Mitsotakis government to bury the former king Constantine as a mere “private person” at a time when kings of other countries who turned out to be his relatives will be present at his funeral, can cost the country’s image dearly, since literally at the last moment they “remembered” that Tatoi , to put it mildly, looks completely unsightly.

Not so long ago, in April 2022, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and King Charles of England discussed a plan to redevelop the royal estate of Tatoi. Then the Prime Minister of Greece spoke about multimillion-dollar plans and the transformation of this place into a cultural center. (Such conversations have been going on for more than 10 years. Money is allocated for this, but as they say, everything goes into a “black hole”). Of course, when he said this two months ago, he did not think that Konstantin could die unexpectedly, and he would have to be buried …

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to avoid the international disgrace of the country, the government decided to bring the burnt and abandoned Tata to at least some minimal order.

A video that is hard to watch without crying.

Lina Mendoni, who “led” the Tatoi renovation project, visited the former royal estate on January 11 and 12, pretending to supervise the work and sending a message of government interest to the media.

The work, which began in a hurry on Wednesday morning, was primarily aimed at avoiding an unpleasant impression during the visit of the relatives of the former king and the royal families of Europe.

It is reported that the relatives of the former king arrived in Tatoi shortly after 11 am on 12 January. The royal cemetery was visited by: the wife of the former king Anna Maria, his son Nikolai with his wife Tatiana, his sisters Irina and Sofia, as well as his youngest son Philip and his wife Nina Flor. All of them, dressed in black, approached the cemetery, and Queen Sophia was visibly moved.

The authorities will have to work hard to avoid even more embarrassment as on Monday, the day of the former king’s funeral, the country is expected to be visited by the King and Queen of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, and Sophia’s daughters, Princess Elena and Cristina, while the Queen of Spain Sofia has been in the country since last week. Representatives of the Danish throne will also come to Athens, as the wife of the former king, Anna Maria, is the sister of Queen Margaret.

The Mitsotakis government got into trouble when it decided to forego state honors at the funeral of the country’s former leader. The supreme rulers of several, far from the smallest countries in the world, will come to Greece to attend the funeral of a “commoner”, who is their close relative.

In Tatoi, a little more than 48 hours before the burial of the former King Constantine, absolute chaos still reigns!

After the fire of July 2021, Tatoi is in a state of ruins, unguarded, unprotected and dangerous even for those who want to take a walk, as cut electrical cables lie on the ground. Unfortunately, this is not the only image of abandonment and desolation that those who enter the once pearl of northern Athens see.

The political responsibility for this image of shame and decadence lies personally with the Prime Minister of Greece and, of course, the Minister of Culture, which, among dozens of its foreign trips, failed to fulfill the plan to restore the royal estates.

In 2011, Albania, having gone through the Hoxha regime and a hardline communist regime, held a public funeral with head of state honors for the son of its last king, Prince Leki. In Greece, the government holds a private funeral for the last king of the Greeks!

As we have already said, it is good that they were allowed to bury the former king next to the graves of his ancestors, but the Mitsotakis government did not dare to do otherwise, because it would face problems from relatives who are not former kings, but current rulers …

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