February 8, 2023

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Patras: riots in ΕΠΑΛ, smoke bombs in classrooms (video)

A “militant” atmosphere reigned at noon on Thursday at the 2nd Vocational High School of Patras, with students chasing the teacher and throwing smoke bombs at the premises.

In the school complex of Hagia Sophia, something unimaginable was happening – more than ten students pursued the teacher in front of other children, including elementary grades, and lit smoke bombs in the classrooms. There is information that the teacher received several blows from his charges.

As informs pelop.gr, law enforcement officers were called to the scene of the incident. Several students complained of breathing problems, so the ΕΚΑΒ brigade arrived to help. Medics also examined the teacher to assess his condition.

The rest of the children – frightened, inhaled smoke and did not take part in the incident – left the school. The cause of the incident is still unknown, at least officially.

The Peloponnis newspaper contacted the director of secondary education in Achaia, Evgenia Pierri, who was informed about the incident by the directors of the schools (the complex, editor’s note), receiving the following answer:

“Two directors informed me that an explosion had been heard. They immediately took the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the students and acted in accordance with what was foreseen in an emergency. At the same time, they informed the police.”

When asked by the publication if there were any injuries, Ms. Pierri replied:

“I have not received any communication from school administrators. The police will do their job and we will do ours. We will take all necessary measures. It is unacceptable for such things to happen in school communities. Those who do not want to go to school, do not go. But those who do this will respect the space. The school is sacred and we will protect it by all means and means.”

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