February 2, 2023

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Mother accused of killing three daughters arrested again

On Thursday, a court issued a second arrest warrant for a 34-year-old woman for the deaths of her two youngest children, Malena and Iris.

Rula Pispirigou, from the western port city of Patras, is accused of murder three of his daughters in 2019 and 2021. The woman has been under temporary arrest for more than a year and a half, in connection with the death of her first child, Georgina.

On Wednesday, the Plenary Council rejected Pispirigo’s request for the release of the investigating judge. The woman filed an appeal against the judge, claiming that she was prejudiced against her.

In a case that has shocked the entire country, Pispirigo was arrested last March after an anesthetic drug was found in tissue samples taken from Georgina, who died in January after a long hospital stay.

Malena died of liver failure in 2019 and Iris died in 2021 of a suspected heart defect.

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