February 2, 2023

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Europeans suffer from a double or even triple infection – flu and covid often attack together

The season of acute respiratory diseases is in full swing. This year it is specific – the number of cases of people with influenza and covid at the same time is growing.

The simultaneous illness of coronavirus and influenza even gave rise to a new term – “flurona”: flu means flu (English), rhona is part of the word “coronavirus”. At the same time, there are cases when a third virus joins the “friendly tandem”, as happened in Romania. Experts still find it difficult to answer the question of how often this happens. Director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases Adrian Marinescu says:

“Anyone who has had the flu knows what a headache is. It makes you go to bed. The flu is a collection of symptoms, and these symptoms reach high and very high intensity. However, it is possible to determine that it is the flu only with the help of testing” .

European experts do not get tired of urging people to be on their guard: carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene, wear masks, and get re-vaccinated against covid. Particular care should be taken to the health of children and vulnerable groups of the population – the elderly, those with chronic diseases, people with weakened immune systems.

Meanwhile, the Greek government, as reported by our publication, decided to impose tests for coronavirus 6% VAT.

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