February 3, 2023

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Brief weather forecast for the coming days

There is some light rain in Attica today, and from Monday the country is entering a new weather phase, meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu promises.

On Friday, January 13, it will rain in some parts of Attica, mainly at night and at dawn. Most precipitation is expected in the northern regions of Attica, in the rest – short-term light rain is possible.

But by the middle of the day the clouds will dissipate, the sun will come out, and thermometers will show up to 14 ° C, in the northern suburbs of the capital – 2-3 degrees less. This weather will continue into the weekend, and from Monday, according to Sakis Arnautoglu, the weather is entering a new phase.

Weather changes will bring rain in the west of the country, and on Tuesday, January 17, the thermometer will rise to 18-19 ° and become noticeably warmer throughout Greece.

The meteorologist did not provide details on the expected cold air mass after January 21st. However, he noted that this change in weather will not bring cold, but simply remind us that we are in the very middle of winter, writes newsbeast.gr.

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