February 3, 2023

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The kings of monarchies from many countries of the world will come to the funeral… "private person" Constantine

The decision of the Mitsotakis government to bury the former king Constantine as a mere “private person” at a time when kings of other countries who turned out to be his relatives will be present at his funeral is turning into a big mistake.

According to the logic of Mitsotakis, the highest rulers of powerful countries will come here to attend the funeral of a commoner?

Greece expects “high” guests from at least three countries, namely from Spain, where the king is the nephew of the former king, and Sophia, who is Constantine’s sister, is already in Greece. A response from the embassy is expected within the next 48 hours.

At the same time, it is possible that King Charles of Britain, who is also closely related to Constantine Glucksburg, who was one of Prince William’s godfathers, will come to our country.

It is noted that information from the Greek authorities indicates that William will come to Greece, but it remains to wait for a final decision.

Finally, the family of Anna Maria, wife of the former king, is in Denmark, and it is considered certain that this Danish royal family will also come to Constantine’s funeral.

The question is: Will the government have official meetings and negotiations with these people? What will she tell them? That we want your support and help in matters that concern us, but your relative is buried as a simple … pensioner?

If they again think about not holding official negotiations with them, then the responsibility of the government is no less great, since the unique opportunity for a meeting of this level in the country will be missed.

In addition, it will be the only private funeral in the world and in history where security measures will be higher than in the United States during the trips of the President of the United States. Of course, this kind of record is also a feat of the government.

The decision of the government to bury the former king not with the honors of the head of state, but as a private person, was taken in connection with the election period.

The government believes it will lose the votes of centrist voters who have their own prejudices. However, it will not be superfluous to recall that 50 years ago the Junta abolished the reigning dynasty in a referendum of dubious legitimacy.

This was the first such step, and Karamanlis continued it after returning to Greece.

So by what logic would he be buried today as a private individual? Wasn’t he head of state, did the left and anyone else like it or not? Wasn’t he the rightful supreme ruler of the country, according to the then current Constitution?

So why should he be buried as a private individual?

They did not even recognize in the deceased his attempt to overthrow the April regime in December 1967, which cost him the throne. Can we say that he was a failure?

Yes, he was, but he was the only one who made an attempt to overthrow him and restore democracy in the country. Democracy, the defender and regulator of which he was in accordance with the Constitution. Nobody else did it. Everyone cowardly hid or went abroad.

Suffice it to recall that leftist figures such as the poet Kiki Dimula were buried at public expense, and this is good.

We do not judge this particular person by his work, but if this was done for a poet, then why can’t it be done for the former head of state, who, in truth, committed the only organized and massive act of resistance to the dictatorship, while he could have remained in side and thereby retain his throne?

It is good that he was allowed to be buried next to his ancestors in Tata, because in Greece it is not like that.

One more point should be noted. Former King Constantine was the 1964 Tokyo Olympic gold medalist in sailing. The first in the country for the last 48 years. Didn’t he deserve credit for that too?

We have one more question. Many people will want to attend the funeral of the former king. What does the government intend to do in this regard? Will it prevent them from appearing?

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