February 5, 2023

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Opposition Accuses Metropolitan Police Chief of Mafia Links

“Obviously, the political leadership of the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection knew about this. In any other country, they would have resigned,” said representatives of the main opposition Gerovassili-Spirtzis.

What happened?

The Mitsotakis government found itself in a difficult position after the opposition had documentary evidence of the connection of the director of the regional capital division of the security service of the Greek police with involvement in the Greek mafia. Nevertheless, even after a criminal case was opened against the head, he was not removed from work, but … promoted.

According to Reporters Unitedwe are talking about Brigadier General Dimitrios Davalos, Director of the Security Directorate of Attica, whose political leadership of the Ministry of Civil Protection and the chief ELAS not only was he not suspended from work after the announcement of the start of criminal prosecution, but they also gave him a promotion to the most important “post” of the service. And Davalos, in turn, a few days later removed the dossier of one of the defendants in the murders committed by the Greek mafia from the homicide department, while removing the police officers involved in the case in which his name appeared, the report says.

Despite the fact that Mr. Davalos is involved in two cases of the Greek mafia and is being prosecuted on charges of a serious crime, the responsible officials seem unable to do the minimum and reasonable thing, namely, to remove a high-ranking official accused of criminal activity and participation in criminal organization, even while respecting the rules of ethics. In fact, the defendant continues to appear on television shows and make public statements about criminal cases on major radio stations.

The brigadier general is accused of money laundering and corruption, as well as covering up and facilitating the criminal activities of the Greek mafia. According to the conclusion drawn up by the prosecutors of the Financial Crime Investigation Department, the director of the Attica Security Directorate not only knew about the group’s existence, but he himself “joined” it, sometimes “contributing to its activities and expansion”, and sometimes “making it difficult for the authorities to identify its members”.

Gerovassili-Spirtzis: In any other country they would have resigned
Olga Gerovassili and Christos Spirtzis immediately demand a public explanation from Takis Theodorikako after the exposure. “Obviously, the political leadership of the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection knew about this,” emphasizes the secretary of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ – ΠΣ and the branch head for the protection of citizens of the parliamentary opposition.

“In Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis did not respond to shocking revelations for 24 hours, sending the accused officer to the Attica Security Directorate to handle a case directly related to him.

As Alexis Tsipras, president of SYRIZA-PS, said in parliament: “The big difference is that under ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ, the National Security Service was known to monitor the so-called Greek mafia, while under you it was run by the Greek mafia.” Unfortunately, it appears that these differences are not limited to ΕΥΠ“, they emphasize.

Read more in a joint statement by Olga Gerovassili and Christos Spirtzis:

“Clearly, the Minister for the Protection of Citizens, Mr. Theodorikakos, does not feel obliged to respond to yesterday’s (January 11, 2023) publication of Reporters United, signed by journalists Nikolaos Leontopoulos, Theodoris Chondrogiannus, Christophoros Kasdaglis and Bampis Polichroniadis” in the Greek Mafia Trial, which states that Brigadier General Davalos was appointed in March 2022 as Director of Security at Attica, despite being charged in the Greek Mafia Trial.

He also does not consider it necessary to explain an article by Kathimerini journalist Yiannis Souliotis dated May 7, 2022, which states that this director, despite being a defendant in the Greek mafia case, “asked and took the investigation materials from the operatives” after the murder Skafturos. Recall that the dossier of the Greek mafia was sent to justice by order of Alexis Tsipras in 2018.

During the 3.5 years of Mitsotakis’ rule, many problems have been created due to the non-cooperation of the ELAS services in the judicial investigation, which, after yesterday’s revelations, is acquiring another dimension for the investigation. We declare that we demand an immediate public explanation from Mr. Teodoricaco regarding this revelation.

Obviously, the political leadership of the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection was aware of this. In any other country they would have resigned…

The need for a progressive government that will restore the rule of law, democracy and justice everywhere is the demand of every Greek,” summed up the secretary of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΣ.

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