February 3, 2023

Athens News

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Larisa: student accused of attempted robbery

In the center of Larisa, a 16-year-old student attempted to rob a pawnshop.

At the same time, the young man did not act spontaneously – apparently, he thought over his actions. While in one of the cafes located in the city center, he changed into clothes that he had prudently brought with him in a backpack. He then made his way to the pawnshop, where an unsuccessful robbery attempt took place.

After that, the high school student returned to the cafe, again changing clothes. All this happened in the middle of the day. While investigating the incident, the teen’s home was searched yesterday morning, finding an air pistol allegedly used in an attempted robbery, as well as the clothes he was wearing.

Investigation how informs larisanew.gr, handled by the Larissa Security Department. After explaining his actions, the detained minor teenager was released, his parents were called to accompany him. The case will be transferred to the prosecutor’s office of Larisa.

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