February 2, 2023

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It can’t be: the burglar came to the police because at the scene of the robbery … he lost his mobile phone

An incredible incident occurred in Thessaloniki, when a 27-year-old robber, to his own misfortune, got into trouble.

According to Thestival, the young man went to the police to find his mobile phone, which he had lost. But instead of getting help from law enforcement officers, he was arrested.

It all started on Tuesday morning (10.01) in the Kalamaria area. The man, along with his accomplice, broke the window of a convenience store, from where they took out a box of money from the cash register and two packs of cigarettes. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper’s son noticed the criminals and began to pursue them. The thief, while trying to escape, threw away the stolen and … accidentally dropped his mobile phone on the sidewalk. The above items were handed over to the Calamaria security department as evidence of the crime. Some time later, the thief came to the same police station and said he was looking for his lost mobile phone.

As it turned out, as a result of an investigation conducted by the police of the Department of Security of Kalamaria, it was one of the two persons who committed the theft. Naturally, he was arrested.

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