February 8, 2023

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How the thief of bags and suitcases was found out at the airport El. Venizelos

The trickster, who has been stealing and keenly interested in the bags and suitcases of passengers at the Athens International Airport since 2016, has finally been caught.

An employee of the ground service of the airport was detained in El. Venizelos. The man is charged with stealing passengers’ suitcases since 2016, the report says. OPEN. How the police “figured out” the thief is of interest.

A woman who came from Israel and lost her suitcase went to report it to the police. When the police authorities asked her to wait for the proper investigation, she told them how to find the perpetrator. Inside the suitcase, the passenger had wireless earphones-smartphones with the ability to determine the geographic location.

Thus, the police found the stolen suitcase in the house of the criminal, a resident of the Nea Smyrni area. In addition, his wife was arrested as an accomplice, according to the channel.

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