February 5, 2023

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Greece launches consumer complaints platform

The Hellenic Ministry of Development and Investment has launched a public digital platform on the public services website GOV.GR, where consumers can file complaints, in order to better control phenomena such as price gouging, fake discounts and other violations at the expense of consumers in the market.

Complaints from consumers can be filed on this platform regarding infringements in Greece, in the European Union or even outside EU. Complaints filed by these individuals will be given priority over anonymous complaints.

The platform offers a choice of seven different categories under which consumers can file a complaint, either by name or anonymously: consumer products, services, banking, insurance and other financial services, debtor information companies, debt settlement, and privacy protection.

Complaints may relate to consumer products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, etc., as well as food safety issues, trade regulations (weight, misleading advertising, interpretation of laws), as well as counterfeit products, personal data protection services, etc. matters.

The link to the complaints platform website is located here. How effectively this platform will work, time will tell. If you use the services of this site, please write your comment whether this site helped you or not.

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