February 3, 2023

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Asphalt work to begin in Kolonaki: which roads will be blocked

As part of the modernization of the city’s road network, the Municipality of Athens announces that from next Monday, January 16, asphalting work will begin in the 1st municipal district – Kolonaki.

The work will be carried out in two stages: the first includes the roads adjacent to the street. Skuf, and the second – around the street. Patriarch Joachim. Due to the nature of the densely populated area, as well as low temperatures prevailing in the evening (when asphalt is not allowed), work in Kolonaki will be carried out around the clock, but mainly during the day. Therefore, some fragments of the roadway will be blocked. Residents of Kolonaki are asked to take note of the start of work in order to minimize the inconvenience caused.

It is noted that the milling (digging) of the road will be carried out in the daytime and in the evening after all vehicles are removed from the streets (parking is not allowed), and asphalt laying will be carried out the next morning.

Streets where work will be carried out at the first stage on both sides of the street. Skufa, the following: Heraclitus, Pindar, Vukarestiu, Al. Sutsu, Lycabettus, Omir, Sina, Massalias, Skouf and Anagnostopoulou.

During the second stage, the streets that will be asphalted on both sides of the Patriarch Joachim Street are as follows: Ypsilantou (from Herodotus to Marasli), Karneades, Alopekis, Charitos, Spaceippus, Herodotus, Caraoli Demetriou, Lucian, Plutarch, P. Joachim, Evzonon, Vladimir Bensi, Yasiou, Ravine, Ypsilantou (from Marasli to the Petraki Monastery), I. Gennadiu, Anapiron Polemu and Sundias.

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