February 8, 2023

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The wife of a businessman from P. Faliro: “We still cannot get over the shock”

The terrifying moments she experienced in her home in Paleo Faliro with her family were described by the wife of a 55-year-old businessman who was the victim of an armed robbery that night.

“It all happened at 12:30 am on January 11. Three people entered our apartment, they tied us up, threatened us with violence and robbed us,” she told the TV channel. OPEN a woman who still can’t get over the shock. The woman said that when the robbers left, “first I tried to untie my eldest son, and then the youngest son freed us.”

The whole N. family went through a nightmare that they will surely remember for a long time. However, she said that “now we are all right.”

Sources say that in his statement to the police, the businessman said that the attackers were wearing hoods and masks with uncovered eyes, and spoke in Greek. The family’s nightmare lasted about 45 minutes, that’s how long the criminals were in the house. As for who freed them from the ropes, the 55-year-old woman said it was their youngest son who cut the ropes with scissors. The victim said they tied them all up except for her little son.

As we reported previously, about half past one in the morning, the businessman returned to his house on Nereis Street in the Paleo Faliro area. At the entrance of the house, three men in hoods were waiting for him. Robbers at gunpoint forced the businessman to go up to his apartment. Having entered the house where at that time there were a wife and two minor children, the criminals tied up the businessman, his wife and eldest son, and gagged them in their mouths, while they themselves began to look for money and jewelry.

The businessman was forced to open the cache after they, literally turning the whole house over, did not find the valuables. Under the threat of reprisal against the family, the victim showed them the place where money and jewelry are kept. The robbers, having taken the valuables, fled, leaving the family tied up.

Authorities believe the robbers knew what time the man was returning from work and are now looking for DNA and fingerprints, as well as CCTV footage. In Greece, CCTV cameras are rarely installed in private homes. The main reason for the rejection is the fear that their personal lives may be exposed to hackers who can break into these cameras. This fear is so great that it outweighs the horror of being robbed.

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