February 2, 2023

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Romance of former King Constantine with Aliki Vuyuklaki

The love affair between the prince and the Greek “Grace Kelly” occupied the Greek and international media in the 1960s. On the occasion of the death of former King Constantine, the media recalled his love for the Greek star, which is rumored to have drawn the wrath of Queen Frederica.

In 1959, Konstantin and his sisters attended the play “A Place in Youth” (“Τόπος στα νιάτα”), where Aliki Vuyuklaki played. There, behind the scenes of the Musuri Theatre, the prince met an amazing actress, and after that, rumors of their romance immediately began to spread. According to reports at the time, the then prince sent Aliki a bouquet of yellow roses every day.

Cover of Garbo magazine dedicated to Prince Constantine and Aliki Vuyuklaki.

They even say that the song of Manos Hadjidakis “There, high in Imittos, there is a secret” (“Εκεί, ψηλά στον Υμηττό, υπάρχει κάποιο μυστικό”) talks about the secret meetings of the prince with the actress.

In an interview 30 years later, Aliki Vuyuklaki was asked to answer a question from Nikos Hadzinikolaou about an incident that occurred in 1962 at the Metropolitan Theater when, during the premiere of a play, a prince entered and everyone stood up to greet him. Aliki herself, however, remained seated and held out her hand to Konstantin for him to kiss her. A day later, newspaper headlines reported a huge scandal…

“I was mad at him,” Aliki Vuyuklaki told Nikos Hatzinikolaou. He then asked her if Constantinos was in love with her and if he came to the theater to watch her rehearse.

“Finos made a special way so he (the prince) could come to the sets. It was a dirt road and they paved it a little better so he wouldn’t ruin his sports car,” Vuyuklaki replied. Hatzinikolaou then mentioned rumors of Frederica’s anger.

“We were very young, like children. I felt like a queen and did not want to be a princess. I was the princess of my life. We chatted for hours on end, communicating with a gentle boy who was very pressured and oppressed by his mother. Then she sent him abroad so that he was away from me. Right after that, until the year 62, my first tour takes place, that summer we met. I was in Serres and played in “My Fair Lady.” And all the officers gathered when I met with them say the prince. And enough people came to see him. The troupe arrives, I go up to the hotel, which was on the square, and, like a bad girl, I go out onto the balcony and spoil everything. I smiled, waved a little to the people, and they all left and applauded me, leaving Konstantin alone. I could create a novel from this plot, because for the foreign press it was the main event, and I could conquer foreign cinema, Hollywood, America. But I did not go to Cannes, because Finos did not allow me ” Vuyukl said like.

The former king, in an interview with RIK in 2014, spoke about his love for the famous Greek actress: “Aliki was an amazing actress, an amazing person, a good person. In fact, recently the police asked me if it was true that there was a tunnel that goes from the palace directly to her house. I laughed and said, let’s admit that there is a tunnel. If Aliki decides to change her address, what will happen? Will the tunnel have to be laid elsewhere?” – he said, referring to Thassos Tryphonos.

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