February 3, 2023

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Former King Constantine: tears at an event in Zappion (video)

About 7 years ago ex king of greece Constantine appeared in Zappione at a Hellenic Olympic Committee event honoring the Greek team that competed in the Rio Olympics.

The then 76-year-old Konstantin Gliksburg attended as an Olympian, since in 1960 he won a gold medal at the Rome Olympics in his boat, the Nereus, from Dragon-type sailing boats. During his speech, his emotions “went off scale”, writes newsbeast.gr.

With a cane in hand, the former monarch presented the award to the sailing athlete Sofia Bekator. Addressing the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, he noted:

“What the Greeks do not know, but it is good for them to know, is that the athletes put in a lot of effort, and therefore I first of all thank them for giving us a smile in these difficult days and, Mr. President, thank you for your support.”

Konstantinos, as coxswain with the crew of Odysseus Eskitzoglou and Giorgos Zaimis, gave Greece its first Olympic gold medal since 1912 (where Greece won two medals in Stockholm with Kostas Tsiklitiras), winning the Dragon sailing category in the Bay of Naples in Italy.

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