February 3, 2023

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Former King Constantine of Greece to be buried in Tatoi Cemetery

Feverish preparations are underway at the burial site of the former Tsar Constantine, with special teams at the royal cemetery in Tatoi carrying out work to remove the trunks of burnt trees.

As was decided after a meeting held at the prime minister’s residence to discuss the procedure for the funeral of the former monarch, his burial will be private and will take place next to his ancestors, on the territory of the royal cemetery in Tatoi.

According to the latest information, the funeral will be held on Monday at the Metropolis of Athens.

The royal cemetery houses the church and mausoleum, an impressive neo-Byzantine building built between 1936-1940 that houses the tombs of King Constantine I, Queen Sophia and King Alexander.


Their remains remained unburied in the crypt of the Orthodox Church of Florence until the completion of the mausoleum, as did the remains of Alexander (the king who died of the infamous monkey bite!), who, despite the opposition of the Venizelists, was finally buried in Greece.

In addition, the following are buried in this cemetery:

  • Greek King George I (December 24, 1845 – March 18, 1913)
  • Queen Olga of the Greeks, Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna (September 3, 1851 – June 18, 1926) – wife of King George I
  • Princess Aspasia Manu (September 4, 1896 – August 7, 1972) – wife of King Alexander I
  • Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, Princess Alexandra of Greece (March 25, 1921 – January 30, 1993) – wife of King Peter II of Yugoslavia, daughter of King Alexander I
  • King George II of Greece (20 July 1890 – 1 April 1947)
  • King of the Greeks Pavlos I (December 14, 1901 – March 6, 1964)
  • Queen Frederica of Greece, Princess Frederica of Hanover (April 18, 1917 – February 6, 1981) – wife of King Paul I
  • Prince George of Greece (24 June 1869 – 25 November 1957)
  • Princess Marie Bonaparte (2 July 1882 – 21 September 1962) – wife of Prince George
  • Prince Nicholas of Greece (22 January 1872 – 8 February 1938)
  • Princess Elena of Greece, Grand Duchess Elena of Russia (January 17, 1882 – March 13, 1957) – wife of Prince Nicholas
  • Prince Andrew of Greece (20 January 1882 – 3 December 1944) – son of George I and father of the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Prince Christopher of Greece (10 August 1888 – 21 January 1940)
  • Princess Francisca of Orléans (25 December 1902 – 25 February 1953) – wife of Prince Christopher
  • Princess Alexandra of Greece, Grand Duchess of Russia (August 30, 1870 – September 24, 1891) – wife of Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich of Russia, daughter of King George I
  • Princess Maria of Greece, Grand Duchess of Russia (March 3, 1876 – December 14, 1940) – wife of Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia, daughter of King George I
  • Princess Olga of Greece (26 March 1880 – 21 October 1880) – daughter of King George I
  • Princess Catherine of Greece, Lady Brandram (4 May 1913 – 2 October 2007) – daughter of King Constantine I
  • Vice Admiral Pericles Ioannidis (1 November 1881 – 7 February 1965), second husband of Princess Mary of Greece


On May 9, 2013, the funeral of Princess Alexandra, Queen of Yugoslavia, took place in Tatoi. She was brought from Belgrade by her son, Prince Alexander of Serbia, and his wife, Princess Catherine.

Recovery was interrupted by a fire

It is worth noting that after many years of desolation, the former royal estate in Tatoi began to be reconstructed. Serious problems were created by the fire of summer 2021, however, firefighters managed to save part of the territory and the main buildings.

Tatoi: the tombs of the Greek kings are surrounded by fire (video)

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The Ministry of Culture’s plan has progressed according to plan and schedule, as the final study was approved last month by the Central Council for Modern Monuments and concerns the upgrading of infrastructure networks as well as the restoration of a valuable building stock. The study focuses on six separate infrastructures – water supply, fire fighting, irrigation, sewerage and wastewater treatment, electricity and telecommunications. In addition, the CSNM gave a positive opinion on the rehabilitation studies of the new Bustasi, Hippostasi and Shelter. And also to study the accessibility of the now restored caretaker’s house, which will house a visitor information center and information about the history of the estate.

As Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni stated, “The restoration and promotion of the building stock in the historical core of Tatoi is one of the components of the promotion and operation of the monumental complex. The creation of infrastructure at the level of networks that will ensure the proper functioning and protection of the estate will serve as a modern and sustainable development model, which is the second but no less important part.”

This is what the place used to look like

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